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                           123 Flash Chat Server
1.Start the chat server:
$ cd server
$ ./fcserver start

2. Stop the chat server:
$ cd server
$ ./fcserver stop

3. Restart the chat server:
$ cd server
$ ./fcserver restart

4. [IMPORTANT] To test the client, please open this URL: http://:35555 
(Replace  with the real one) in your browser.

5. Check the chat server starting information
$ cd server
$ cat ouput.log

6. Start the chat server automatically after system reboot (please use the root account to execute the following command,
but if you installed 123 flash chat by running with SSH, and already have chosen "install service" during installation,
then you may skip it here.)
 6.1 $ cd server
     $ ./install_service
     $ vi /etc/rc.local
 add a line at the end of the file, format: <123 flash chat installed dir>/server/fcserver start,
 For example, if 123 flash chat server is installed at: /usr/local/TopCMM/123FlashChat9.x, then you should add the following line:
 /usr/local/TopCMM/123FlashChat9.x/server/fcserver start

7. Start the chat server (For testing only, press Control+C will stop the chat server)
$ cd server
$ ./fcserver_console
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